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Term Definition
Peak Discharge

The maximum discharge occurring during a flood event.


A statistical measure of the expected chance of flooding (see annual exceedance probability).

Probable Maximum Flood (PMF)

The Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) is the largest flood that could conceivably occur at a particular location, usually estimated from probable maximum precipitation, and where applicable, snow melt, coupled with the worst flood producing catchment conditions. Generally, it is not physically or economically possible to provide complete protection against this event. The PMF defines the extent of flood prone land, that is, the floodplain. The extent, nature and potential consequences of flooding associated with a range of events rarer than the flood used for designing mitigation works and controlling development, up to and including the PMF event should be addressed in a floodplain risk management study.

Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP)

The Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) is the greatest depth of precipitation for a given duration meteorologically possible over a given size storm area at a particular location at a particular time of the year, with no allowance made for long-term climatic trends (World Meteorological Organisation, 1986). It is the primary input to Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) estimation.

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