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Term Definition
Flash Flooding

Flooding which is sudden and unexpected. It is often caused by sudden local or nearby heavy rainfall. Often defined as flooding which peaks within six hours of the causative rain.

Flood Awareness

Awareness is an appreciation of the likely effects of flooding and a knowledge of the relevant flood warning, response and evacuation procedures.

Flood Education

Flood education seeks to provide information to raise awareness of the flood problem so as to enable individuals to understand how to manage themselves and their property in response to flood warnings and in a flood event. It invokes a state of flood readiness.

Flood Fringe Areas

The remaining area of flood prone land after floodway and flood storage areas have been defined.

Flood Liable Land

Is synonymous with flood prone land, i.e., land susceptible to flooding by the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) event. Note that the term flood liable land covers the whole floodplain, not just that part below the Flood Planning Level (see flood planning area).

Flood Planning Levels (FPLs)

Are the combinations of flood levels (derived from significant historical flood events or floods of specific Annual Exceedence Probability) and freeboards selected for floodplain risk management purposes, as determined in management studies and incorporated in management plans.

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