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Term Definition
Acid Sulphate Soils

Are sediments which contain sulfidic mineral pyrite which may become extremely acid following disturbance or drainage as sulfur compounds react when exposed to oxygen to form sulfuric acid. More detailed explanation and definition can be found in the NSW Government Acid Sulfate Soil Manual published by Acid Sulfate Soil Management Advisory Committee.

Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP)

The chance of a flood of a given or larger size occurring in any one year, usually expressed as a percentage. Eg, if a peak flood discharge of 500 m3/s has an AEP of 5%, it means that there is a 5% chance (that is one-in-20 chance) of a 500 m3/s or larger events occurring in any one year (see ARI).

Australian Height Datum (AHD)

A common national surface level datum approximately corresponding to mean sea level.

Average Annual Damage (AAD)

Depending on its size (or severity), each flood will cause a different amount of flood damage to a flood prone area. AAD is the average damage per year that would occur in a nominated development situation from flooding over a very long period of time.

Average Recurrence Interval (ARI)

The long-term average number of years between the occurrence of a flood as big as or larger than the selected event. For example, floods with a discharge as great as or greater than the 20 year ARI flood event will occur on average once every 20 years. ARI is another way of expressing the likelihood of occurrence of a flood event.

Caravan and Moveable Home Parks

Caravans and moveable dwellings are being increasingly used for long-term and permanent accommodation purposes. Standards relating to their siting, design, construction and management can be found in the Regulations under the Local Governments Act.

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